“All anyone can see in a birth chart are tendencies that become facts if nothing is done about them.”      Isabel Hickey

Natal Chart Reading
90 min. $135 | Pay at the time of the reading or on line. (Please note: The payment button is currently under construction. If you choose to pay on line let me know and I will send you a payment link).

Your natal chart contains the symbols that represent your personal evolutionary growth. It is your birthright, based on the specific time, place and date you were born, and like your fingerprint, it is yours alone.  A natal reading gives you a deep understanding and perspective of your past and present life themes and patterns. This self awareness allows you to move forward with a greater sense of clarity, purpose and intention. Your chart is a powerful tool that provides insight into every aspect of your life; career, family, relationships, health, spiritual growth, or whatever you desire to know more about.  I do your consultation in plain language, in a non-judgmental and respectful manner, and personalize your reading for wherever you are on your path.

Transits and Progressions
90 min. $135

Timing is everything right?  This reading informs you of current and future planetary configurations that relate to your personal chart.   I will provide you with specific dates and times that contain potential for opportunities, trends, and growth. When you are ready for the energies that are about to unfold, you can set an intention and align yourself with the future you want to create. I use a technique that combines transits and secondary progressions to best determine your personal cycles.

Relationship Readings
90 min. $150 |

This reading requires me to do 2 charts, and can be done for any type of relationship: love, business partnership, friend, or parent and child.

There is great value in exploring what each person wants and brings to a relationship as an individual, and how that dynamic works when together. I help you see what your natural areas of flow and compatibility are, and what work you may have to do to gain a better understanding of one another. I can tell you how you are connected on a soul/spiritual level, and how you are growing and learning from being together.

The reading does not determine whether or not you and you partner are meant to be together, but helps you be together in the best way possible.