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Enriching and moving. My reading with Lauren uncovered patterns and influences that helped me understand certain challenging transitions I was facing. As she so adeptly foresaw, this pattern is now giving way to new possibilities. With her highly attuned awareness, she was able to see how past influences from previous lives were playing out in the present. Lauren’s readings are more that a chart full of houses, she approaches your life journey on a soul evolution arc. I highly recommend the experience!
– Donna Morrish   MFT, CHt

Lauren’s insight is right on target and extremely helpful to anyone who is delving into their own spiritual depths. Lauren can see things in my chart that even the people closest to me in my life do not understand. My session was like getting very individualized counseling session, one that was very specifically fine-tuned to me. I really appreciate the time she spent with me. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who is looking for personalized guidance from someone with depth and clear insight, who knows how to read a individual chart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
– Kathy U.

Lauren’s reading was very insightful. I like the fact that she was not pushy with her interpretations, but that she was conversational in how she explained what was in my chart and helped me to relate that to my day to day life. She was very helpful and I would highly recommend her.