How can Evolutionary Astrology help you?

More than just a horoscope Evolutionary Astrology will help you to activate your deepest potential. A reading with me will provide you with a greater understanding of your unique nature and your life path, connecting you to information that will help you make more empowered choices for the future.

I am certified in Evolutionary Astrology which describes your soul’s journey over lifetimes. What is revealed in this reading will put your current life experience in context and allow you to see the interwoven patterns of your existence, your life purpose, and your soul’s intention in the current life.

I will translate your birthchart, the map of your evolutionary intent, in a way that will leave you feeling uplifted and energized. Your reading will give you  greater clarity and focus in:

  •  beliefs or blocks that might be keeping you from achieving what you really want in life 
  • details about what you came here to accomplish
  • insights on how to intentionally manifest your future goals
  • a deeper connection with your innate gifts, talents, and true desires

I offer solutions and insights that will help you move forward with a greater expression of your authentic self.

“You came into this life with a specific intent…let yourself flow into alignment with your own dream.” Esther Hicks (Abraham)

Intentional Evolutionary Astrology will take you deeper than any other reading you have had in the past. It will reveal why you came here, what you came to do, how to achieve your purpose and true happiness.